Nicolas Descottes - Artbrussels 2008

The nocturnal quietness of the refineries in the port of Rotterdam allows one to foresee the worst, because something smokes far in the distance. The calm is only illusory; the harmony of this brightly architecture is but a facade. Something is going to happen.
The territories photographed by Nicholas Descottes are traces of a temporal ambivalence, the heart of which remains troubled. Totally dehumanized, they are, in Maasvlakte (2005), in the present of a moment, the terrain of violent natural onslaughts, or even artificial, impetuous and
atmospheric : something is happening. In Revinge (2007), they again become traces of remnants of a brutal lightning passage, something has happened. Somewhere between prehistory and anticipation, the carcasses of cars are like as many forgotten fossils, the smoking tanks become creatures, unpredictable and prehistoric resuscitated from another time or a time to come. And nevertheless,
we are seeing the "after" drama; we are spectators of events without previous history, without space or defined time. This sense of "trouble" provokes a state of waiting, the result of an ambiguity of form and scenario. Also called to trial is the notion of reality, in its re-transcription and in its being, this too must be renegotiated and questioned.