Andreas Fogarasi - Support Surface

"Support / Surface" is Andreas Fogarasi's first solo exhibition in France. Andreas Forarasi's work questions the relationship between architecture and its impact on the masses. The predominant work for this project is a rubbing taken from the wall of the reception hall at the "Cité du Refuge", a building designed by Le Corbusier which is situated in the 13th district of Paris. The panel lists the names of the benefactors who not only financed the building but also determined its function as a community centre and emergency shelter for the poor, which is run today by the Salvation Army. The video Surface Studies traces a path through the Karl Marx Platz in Vienna, compiling the various different textures of the ground. A stone sculpture carved out of traditional Bordeaux stone and a series of photographs taken in Bordeaux, reinforce the artists perception of the city and its codes of representation. These projects are representative of the interest that the artist has in the collective and utopian (but also sometimes authoritarian), dimension of architecture, and the appropriation of these zones or symbols by the population. It is a critical view on modernism and the politics of gatherings.