Jean-Luc Desmond, Franck Eon, Nikolas Fouré, Nicolas Milhé, Laurent Moure, Laurent Perbos - Common People

Most of the pieces presented in this exposition were introduced by Cortex Athletico in 2003 and 2004. Some have been exposed in various spaces like "Jeune Création à la Vilette, Corentin Hamel Gallery, Images Modernes, Lendroit", and others have been created specifically for this occasion.

All have in common this idea of demonstrating the non sensational position of the artist, a position that is today scattered yet out of step with all the different afterwar artistic mouvements, when the artist was démiurge, gourou, a healer of a marqued society. This desire to engage in this particular practice does not register in a collective vision but on the contrary in a singular and individual utopia that represents an acurate generational caracteristic.


With simplicity, humor, modesty and irony, the six actors of the COMMON PEOPLE! exposed the outlines of this mundane artist.