Masahide Otani - Traveling Museum + Omoro compact

Atsuo Hukuda, director of the gallery Concept Space in Japan, is invited from March 23 to the gallery Cortex Athletico. He presents to a personal and curatiorale exhibition Atsuo Hukuda - [Travelling Museum + compact Omoro]. This exhibition takes place within in a project directed by Concept Space since ten years. It is about exchange and art between Japan and western countries.

In addition to its mobile sense, Traveling Museum is a group of artists who each one search, in its own forms, to clear up the characteristic of Japanese art and its orientations in multiple forms like events and interventions: concert, party, conference etc.

Compact Omoro is a small box in paulownia including three drawers, in which each artist hides his parts. So that the spectator is invited to open the boxes to face works.
This exhibition has a collective dimension, which is the initial and constant motivation of Concept Space since its opening: the exhibition like work of art. By various approaches with the devices of art, Atsuo Hukuda questions the forms of art, notion of the individual, of group in to his point of view confronted with the western. In the same way, Hukuda puts in scene the meeting of classical and contemporary by presenting paintings of Korin Ogata and Houitu Sakati, both, major of the Rimpa School founded in 17th century in Japan.

Tha exhibition Atsuo Hukuda - [Traveling Museum + Omoro compact] to the gallery Cortex Athletico is a time among other in Europe, that the start was Parkhaus in Düsseldorf in 2006.

Atsuo Hukuda

Thanks to Concept Space, Tanaka Art Program, Toru Itoi, Keizo Gohonjo.