Charles Mason, Masahide Otani, Vittorio Santoro - Extérieur jour, Immanence, Paris

Extérieur Jour offers an experience at once fragile and intense.  Its uninterrupted brevity is in deliberate contrast to typical gallery exhibitions, the gaudy commercialism of Art fairs, and the projects created for them. In Extérieur Jour, time is an element as much as are the individual works, enabling us to reflect on how artists are conventionally represented by galleries like products in a supply chain. Extérieur Jour is the blossoming of a work outside the context in which it is usally found.  It is honest, simple, and short-lived.  
The term "extérieur jour" is used in filmmaking for the scenery against which the action is played out. Although it implies an action throughout the course of a day, Extérieur Jour presents the constant aura of the nocturnal. The starting point is dawn - not as an end to a night of torment, but simply the beginning of a day, the moment of waking.  We have chosen a time of year when the days are at their longest, matching the exhibition opening hours to mirror the day. The action is quiet - almost ghostly. Each of the works by the three artists contains, as intended, its own horizon, its own form of evanescence. Far from being a provocation, this project is intended as an invitation to discover what it is that the artists are proposing. They are united by subtley of intention and a desire to place the spectators at the centre of the work, so enabling them to become participants on the stage that is Extérieur Jour.