Vincent Gicquel - Conviction

" The only possible suject, is me, my relationship with the world...There is nothing in my painting that isn't related to who I am as a painter; there is nothing that isn't directly related to the process of creation. Every painting is source of a specific speech associated to a particular subject: the act of painting. All of my characters are occupied by undefined tasks, mobilised in the exercice of an activity that seems to be the only reason their existence.
Day after day they repeat endlessly the same mouvements with the same precision, determination and seem to be the only ones who know what they are doing. There is nothing enigmatic, there is nothing to understand or comprehend... I just try to put forward the absurdity of their actions and I only try to insist canvas after canvas of the vital use of these actions. The meaning will always escape those searching for it, and those trying to explain it will always find failure. Only with a certain dose of humor or a real passion for absurdity can we really appreciate my paintings and the world in which we live in.

Nothing has ever changed or ever will change. My gaze and the work I throw myself in enable me to shift things slightly. It will be the viewers that will ask themselves the questions that they are challenged with, on their own terms, their place in the universe, their convictions on death, on the importance of humor...Because if indeed there isn't anything to understand in this world, however there are quite some laughable things."