Constat d'échec : réflexions pour une situation

Constat d'échec is the title of a quotation by the French sculptor Richard Baquié (1952 - 1996) which appeared in the catalogue of his posthumous exhibition at the Capc Bordeaux in 1997 and then at the Mac Marseille.
Richard Baquié's production has always been accompanied by note-taking, both on his work and on the artistic environment of his time.
It is common in the life of an artist to have moments of doubt and anxiety. These reflections have often allowed their work to evolve and reposition itself. Our current situation requires similar attention. And if Richard Baquié believes in materialization for the benefit of a sensitive experience, it is indeed a question of evaluating the need for a physical relationship to the works.
Taking this text as a starting point for various exchanges, we can also see its optimistic dimension in our relationship with art. In this sense, the gallery is a privileged space, of time and place: many things can evolve there, with patience and confidence.
Several interventions during the duration of this project will activate and extend this text.

"Ten years of work and I'm not at a mature stage of understanding.
I have no satisfaction from my ten years of art.
I have dispersed myself in the search for effective means and the violence that motivated me, I could have placed it more fairly.
I want my work to evolve. I have never considered it to be satisfactory. I have always been disappointed by the gap between the project and the result.
Always the problem of a materialisation of intention even if the materialisation contains the goal of the sensitive experience".