Jean-Alain Corre - Oozzz.. da zzzz... Hom i n g

Jean-Alain Corre was born in Landivisiau in 1981. He lives and works in Paris and in Lyon.
In 2006, he obtained his diploma at ENSBA of Lyon, a city where he showed his first solo exhibition at Néon. In 2013, he carried out a residency at Triangle France (Marseille) and exhibited at the Institut d'Art Contemporain (IAC) of Villeurbanne in the framework of the cycle "Rendez-vous 13".
In 2014, he participated in the exhibition of chosen artists by Castillo-Corrales for the Prix de La Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard in Paris and presented a solo show at the gallery Thomas Bernard - Cortex Athletico in Bordeaux. A series of group exhibitions at the Triangle in Marseille, at the Baronian gallery in Brussels and at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore followed in 2015.
His work was selected for the residency at the Pavillon of Palais de Tokyo for 2015-2016.

"If one simply keeps to observing forms, the work of Jean-Alain Corre appears more like that of a sculptor producing mainly mysterious machines and encrypted gatherings than that of an author, linking his visual practice to a fictional world where the Russian constructivists rub shoulders with Raymond Roussel and Demi Moore amongst others. Such superficiality would of course be mis­leading, so to accompany his strange constructions Jean-Alain Corre created Johnny. Johnny is not the artist’s
double; he is a sort of conceptual motor, a geyser of ideas. He is also the basis, the support that creates the junction between two areas of creation, like a smuggler on the border of the story and the object."

Franck Balland
Excerpt from “Johnny le romantique”, interview of Jean-Alain Corre, 2014

"Jean-Alain Corre’ gathers many cultural materials to incorporate them in his practice, whether they be from high culture (modern and contemporary sculpture) or so-called popular cultures (american series, tabloids, agricultural machinery, cooking methods such as breadcrumb dressing, etc.). These elements coexist  in the artworks thanks to an intuitive collage process, in sync with the dehierarchisation claimed by the artists of his time who have seen mass media blur the lines between style, source and culture. But the artist also uses the notion of culture as a dynamic process, as if to talk about a culture of bacteria or of shallots, for example. Jean-Alain Corre talks about the fabrication of art as a culture in the sense that an artist needs to develop a specific link to time and to the event in the production strategy that he unfolds. The idea is to create protocols that will admittedly come to life through success or failure, whilst also showing the possible transformation from an initial situation into another."

Dorothée Dupuis
Excerpt from “On the principle of culture in the art of Jean-Alain Corre”, 2014