Anita Molinero - Le Bayou

The gallery Thomas Bernard - Cortex Athletico is very happy to begin a collaboration with Anita Molinero.

Anita Molinero's work has passed beyond the sculptural neo-pop as a subject to return to the sculpture and its problematics in a classical manner. It is an embodied work, taking its support on a solid knowledge of art history, but also on a sculptor's position as a critical player of her era. The challenge is formal, (to return to Expressionism, sometimes almost in a shamanic way, to dissect what the sculpture has in its stomach), but not only. The challenge is also to be placed in the context of a present history : search around us what could become today a subject matter, think out of the box to bring attention on the neglected, or even the despised in the daily life, in its human as much as in its political dimension. This position may seem at times baroque, exuberant. It is above all very precise and organized.

In this first exhibition, Anita Molinero will present new emblematic works belonging to her sculptural vocabulary : plastic containers, extruded polystyrene plates, pieces of concrete of the inner circle line of Paris and objects which she has collected on the street.

Anita Molinero's work is a « cataclysm » linked to moments of its creation. The objects, the subjects or materials which she uses slip out of the boundaries of the identity principle of cause and effect. We are more likely in the presence of a demonstration of the theory of disasters. If today, even more than yesterday, she participates intelligently in the art scene, it is because she masters what Julius Mayer, the inventor of thermodynamics, discovers almost a contrario in an article published two years before his death in 1878, the importance of the trigger phenomena. As what Mayer's « renegade » tells us : it is not possible to explain life by the push and pull of mechanical forces, nor is it animated by an effort of conservation. On the contrary, it searches for extension, explosion even, sometimes at its own expense. And it is exactly this endangerment that this artist, for whom singularity is the means to participate in the act of her century, deploys to be restaged in each of her works.

Xavier Douroux, 2014

[1] Extract from the interview with Michel Enrici, Le Consortium rencontre Anita Molinero, D'art & de culture le magazine culturel de Monaco, n°26 été 2014.