For Kevin Rouillard, the context is never neutral, it determines the objects' status, their reception and value. Kevin Rouillard shows his lack of interest for oppositions between true or false, the original and the copy, in a system that creates value for artworks. This may also explain his reluctance to circumscribe his work to postcolonial commitment (despite a maternal link with Cape Verde): he belongs to a generation of artists that has perceived the paradox of being allocated an identity to origins of which they actually have little knowledge. To broach the subject, he therefore finds oblique, non linear strategies, such as this last series. To send products to Cape Verde, expatriates fill barrels because cargo transport isn't expensive, he says. "Once they arrive, these barrels become doors, wood-burning stoves, brushes, houses. I decided to transform them into twisted shields, used in the formation of Roman soldiers as a collective shell. Like a Trojan horse, the barrels have also become paintings.

(extract from Kevin Rouillard : futur fossile, QDA 08/072016, Pedro Morais)


Born in 1989, Kevin Rouillard as graduated with honors from ENSBA in Paris in 2014. He participated to the 60th Salon de Montrouge and to the prize of Villa Emerige (Empiristes) in 2015. The same year, he also won the Foundation François de Hatvany prize. In 2016 his work was included in the exhibition Distopark, at Confort Moderne in Poitiers, and Le Nouveau monde industriel, (curating: Nicolas Bourriaud) at Galleria Continua / Les Moulins. His work has been shown at Les Abattoirs, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, for the exhibition Autour du Nouveau Réalisme, Les dadas des Daniel. In 2017 : solo shows at l'Assaut de la menuiserie, Saint-Etienne and at The Chimney, New-York, alongside with a group show with Centre d'Art Parc Saint Léger. In 2018, the Junqueira Artists Residency welcomed him in Lisbon, giving rise two solo exhibitions. More recently, following the SAM Art Projects prize received in 2018, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris is hosting its personal exhibition Le Grand Mur in 2020, while the Galerie Thomas Bernard opens, at the same time, its exhibition Soudure et Mayonnaise.

Kevin Rouillard

Born in 1989 in Vendôme
Lives and works in Marseille


DNSEP, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, jury's congratulations

DNAP, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris

DNAP, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Pau, jury's congratulations



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Biennale Saint-Paul de Vence, Saint-Paul de Vence


Biennale de Dakar, Dakar (postponed)
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Memory or Memories, Art & Communictaion, Bordeaux


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, Galerie Thomas Bernard - Cortex Athletico


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Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Toulouse

Marc-Olivier Wahler and Leslie Veisse, 2014

At first sight, Kevin Rouillard's artistic practice seems to join the one of a collector, or even of an archaeologist. The artist, in fact, incessantly seeks objects that carry similar values, whether it be on a formal or scientific level. He collects them, tirelessly, studies and archives them, of fear that they should disappear into oblivion. He rummages through the pleats of history and searches for the origin of our memory. By doing that, Kevin Rouillard could claim a privileged place in the lineage of artists who since several decades sound our waste, our archives, our relations to objects and underline our constant inclination towards the reification of objects.
But Kevin Rouillard doesn't develop any particular fascination for the object, nor any idealisation. He works, as he says himself, with what he finds, in a completely fortuitous manner, trying, in the wake of Duchamp, to annihilate all selection criteria. The idea of finding prevails. No privileged choices, no hierarchy between a piece and another: the artist's taste is erased and gives to the material all the possibilities to embody its sense of potential, beyond the determination of the artist. The latter aspires to charge it with another presence, which it then takes over. Thus, the object imposes itself, without us being able to decide otherwise. These fragments deliver no evidence of the past, but multiply the writing of histories without endings, destined to be recycled, to be permanently reinvented. If the fortuitous encounter between the artist and the objects seems to slow down all vague desire of reification, the way the measures are taken leaves nothing to coincidence. The overtaking of the collected object is accentuated by the questioning of the museum demonstration devices and of the transformation of the hanging techniques.
It is not an object in itself that captivates the attention but the manner how the object reveals itself. The aesthetic indifference in the act of collecting allows these objects to exist without prejudice and be exhibited without conventions. The prominent bricks serve as presentation pedestals, the frames transform themselves into concrete block walls, the shelves carry only stones, and the coat racks hold fossils. The understanding of the fragment lets itself thus be forgotten, leaving only its presence. The elements are simultaneously blank of all history and agents of a universal history.